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MOBA Starter Kit - Items

Last tested against UDK May, 2012


Items are Actors that player's can own over the life span of the game. Items can give players buffs, new spells or provide other kinds of effects.



  • PostBeginPlay() - Called when the item is first instanced in the world. This just sets the amount of charges to the maximum value.
  • ReplicatedEvent() - Called when a variable that is flagged as repnotify has been replicated. This is mainly used for updating if the item is in the player's inventory or if it is in the player's stash.
  • ActivateItem() - This activates the item, making it available for use.


  • BuyCost - How much gold is needed to buy this item from a shop.
  • SellValue - How much gold is gained when returning this item to a shop.
  • ItemName - Name of the item.
  • MaxCharges - Maximum amount of charges.
  • Activated - If true, then this item is activated.
  • Charges - How many charges this item has currently.
  • AutoCreatedItems - This item is a component of these items that are automatically created.
  • AutoCreateRequirements - This item requires these items in order to be formed automatically.
  • ActivationRequirements - This item requires these items in order to be activated.

What is up with UDKMOBAItem_Buckler, UDKMOBAItem_Clothes, etc... ?

As items can change due to balancing and or tweaking, new functions and variables may need to be added on the fly. This presents a problem, because if the items are all archetypes of UDKMOBAItem; either UDKMOBAItem turns into a giant class or you'd be recreating archetypes as you create new subclasses. This is because it is not currently possible to change an archetype's class type, after it has been created. Thus, for future proofing it was sensible to create empty subclasses of UDKMOBAItem and then to create the archetype from that.