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UE3 Home > Getting Started: Programming > MOBA Starter Kit

MOBA Starter Kit

Last tested against UDK May, 2012


This Starter Kit has everything you need to use as a starting point for developing a multiplayer online arena battle game with Unreal Engine 3 or UDK.

How does the camera system work?


There are two camera systems built into the MOBA Starter Kit. A fixed camera system which is used on Mobile platforms such as the iPad, and a more traditional RTS camera system which is used on PC platforms. Please read the MOBA Mobile camera page or the MOBA PC camera page to learn how the camera systems work. The mini map can also control the camera as well; this is documented in the Minimap section below.

How does the control system work?


There are two control systems build into the MOBA Starter Kit. A touch pad control interface which is used on all touch pad devices such as the iPad, and a keyboard with mouse control iterface which is used on the PC. Please read the MOBA touch pad page or the MOBA keyboard and mouse page to learn how the control systems work.

How does the creep system work?


Creeps are team owned non player controller pawns that will automatically run towards their enemies base. As they encounter enemy heroes, towers or other creeps along their path they will engage the enemy. Please read the MOBA creeps page to learn how the creeps work.

How does the hero system work?


Heroes are pawns that players control. They have spells which they can use and they can purchase and use items. Please read the MOBA heroes page to learn how heroes work.

How does the item system work?


Items are different to the inventory items that are built into Unreal Engine 3 or UDK. Items sub class from spells given that they themselves can sometimes act like spells. Please read the MOBA items page to learn how items work.

How does the mini map work?


The mini map is a very flexible system, which you could use for other projects such as a real time strategy game or a first person shooter. Please read the MOBA mini map page to learn how the mini map work.

How does the spell system work?


Spells are abilities that an Actor can own. Spells can be activated to perform special events in the game. Please read the MOBA spells pages to learn how spells work.

How does the shop system work?


The shop allows players to purchase items through the user interface. Please read the MOBA shop page to learn how this system works.

How does the stats system work?


MOBA's are generally "lite" RPGs in the sense that your hero can level up and gain statistics that improve aspects like health, damage and so forth. Items and spells can also affect your hero's statistics either as an improvement or as a detriment. Please read the MOBA Stats page on how that system works.

How does the user interface work?


Scaleform was used to create the user interface in this Starter Kit. Some of the user interface is explained in the appropriate pages (for example, the mini map portion of the user interface is explained in the mini map page). The MOBA UI page simply covers the remaining parts of the user interface that don't fit into any of the major topics listed here.

How does the weapon system work?


Weapons in Unreal Engine 3 or UDK are inventory items that can be used by the player. In the MOBA Starter Kit, this level of abstraction wasn't required as players were never able to change weapons or drop weapon. Thus a much simpler interface was created to simplify the process of giving heroes, creeps and towers weapons to use. Please read the MOBA weapons page for more details.

How to use this starter kit?

  1. Download UDK.
  2. Install UDK.
  3. Download the zip file containing the Starter Kit.
  4. Unzip the contents into your UDK base directory. (e.g C:\Projects\UDKMOBA-2012-05\) Windows may inform you that you may be overwriting existing files or folders. Click Ok on all of them.
  5. Open up DefaultEngine.ini inside the UDKGame\Config directory with Notepad. (e.g C:\Projects\UDKMOBA-2012-05\UDKGame\Config\DefaultEngine.ini)
  6. Search for EditPackages.
  7. Add +EditPackages=UDKMOBA
  8. Launch the Unreal Frontend Application inside the Binaries directory. (e.g C:\Projects\UDKMOBA-2012-05\Binaries\UnrealFrontend.exe)
  9. Click on Script, then Full Recompile.
  10. You should see the UDKMOBA package get compiled last.
  11. Click on UnrealEd to open up Unreal Editor.
  12. Click on the Open button, and open up MOBATinyMap.udk.
  13. Click on the Play In Editor button to play the MOBAstarter kit.

With the MOBA starter kit setup, you can now start modifying it towards the game you want to create. The Unrealscript code is located within Development\Src\UDKMOBA\Classes\.uc*, all of the content is contained within the UDKGame\Content\UDKMOBA folder and all of the Flash content is contained within the UDKGame\Flash\UDKMOBAHud folder.



  • Download the code and content for this starter kit.