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UE3 Home > Unreal Development Kit Gems > MOBA Starter Kit > Keyboard and Mouse

MOBA Starter Kit - Keyboard and Mouse

Last tested against UDK May, 2012


On the PC platform, the MOBA Kit by default uses the keyboard and mouse as the primary interface. Two main classes are involved for the PC platform, one being the PC specific HUD class and the other being the PC specific PlayerController class. The PlayerController class mostly handles the keyboard interactions while the HUD class mostly handles the mouse interactions.



  • PostRender() - This is called every frame to render the HUD. This calls UDKMOBAHUD_PC::ProcessCommands().
  • ProcessCommands() - This processes input when Canvas is valid. If Scaleform requires the inputs, then either UDKMOBAGFx_HUD::HandlePendingLeftClickCommand() or UDKMOBAGFx_HUD::HandlePendingRightClickCommand() will be called, otherwise UDKMOBAPlayerController_PC::HandlePendingLeftClickCommand() or UDKMOBAPlayerController_PC::HandlePendingRightClickCommand() will be called.



  • IsHUDCapturingMouseInput() - Returns true if the HUD is currently capturing the mouse input or not. This prevents the mouse from being captured and processed from multiple places.
  • StartFire() - This is usually bound to the left and right mouse button. This just sets UDKMOBAHUD_PC.PendingLeftClickCommand or UDKMOBAHUD_PC.PendingRightClickCommand, which are then later processed.
  • HandlePendingLeftClickCommand() - This processes left mouse click which is usually used for pinging on the mini map or drawing on the mini map.