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UE3 Home > User Interfaces & HUDs > Scaleform GFx > Building the UDK Scaleform UIs

Building the UDK Scaleform UIs


warning NOTE: Applicable starting with August 2010 QA build.

This pages explains how to build and import the UDK UI GFx sample. You should have already set up your Flash Environment for working with CLIK/. If you have not, do so now by following these instructions: Setting Up Scaleform GFx .

Directory structure.

You will find the files necessary to build the UDK UI in [UDK_LOCATION]/UDKGame/Flash. UDK users may need to download these files separately from this page. The UDK UI directories are structured as follows:

        |       *.as files containing UI logic and widgets.
        |   |   fontconfig.txt
        |   |   fonts_en.fla
        |   |   gfxfontlib.fla
        |   |
        |   \---fonts/
        |           *.ttf files. Install these fonts.
        |       udk_assets.fla
        |       udk_manager.fla
        |       Various other *.fla files used by the main menu and associated screen.
                *.fla files used by the in-game UI: HUD, Scoreboard, Minimap, and Pause Menu

ActionScript path in Flash Environment

Before you publish any of the *.FLA files to *.SWF you must first add the ActionScript/ directory to the list of Class Paths in the Flash IDE. Setting up Class Paths is explained in the instructions for setting up CLIK/. Add UDK UI's ActionScript/ directory above the CLIK/ entry in the list of Class Paths.

Publishing the SWFs

It is always a good idea to test the *.SWFs immediately after they are published. The GFx Launcher Panel makes this an easy task.

Some movies depend on others. For UDK UI, the movie dependencies are as follows:

  • All movies depend on UDKFonts/*.fla. These must be published first:
    • UDKFonts/fonts_en.fla
    • UDKFonts/gfxfontlib.fla
  • All FrontEnd movies depend UDKFrontEnd/udk_assets.fla. It must be published before any of the others in UDKFrontEnd/.
  • UDKHud/udk_hud.fla depends on udk_minimap.fla. Publish udk_minimap.fla before testing udk_hud.fla.

Importing into Unreal Engine 3

Once you have published the .SWF files you can import them into UE3. See GFx and UE3: Importing for more details.

Note: the UDK UI is already imported into UDK. In order to import the files anew, you must delete the following packages:

  • UDKGame/Content/GFx/UDKFonts.upk
  • UDKGame/Content/GFx/UDKFrontEnd.upk
  • UDKGame/Content/GFx/UDKHUD.upk

UDK UI Inheritance Flowchart