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UE3 Home > DirectX 11 in Unreal Engine 3

DirectX 11 in Unreal Engine 3


The DirectX 11 features implemented in Unreal Engine 3 make it possible to create realtime rendered scenes with unprecedented realism. As seen in the Samaritan Demo shown at GDC 2011, these features increase the visual fidelity possible for games as well as other realtime rendering applications.

General Topics
  • Samaritan Demo - Demo presented at the game developer conference 2011.

Content Creation Topics

Requirements to use DirectX 11

  • Direct3D 11 capable graphics card (Nvidia Geforce 400 series, ATI Radeon 5000 series or higher).
  • Windows Vista or higher
  • Engine version that supports DirectX 11 (QA build March 2011 or later)

How to enable DirectX 11

By default UE3 runs under DirectX 9. By adding -D3D11 or -DX11 to the command line the editor or the game will use DirectX 11 for rendering instead. When running in window mode or in editor the window title will show which platform is used (e.g. DX9 or DX11):


The editor has a preference that allows to toggle starting either with the DirectX 9 or DirectX 11 platform, without needing to change the command line. It can be found in the main menu bar in File->Switch Renderer->DirectX 9 / DirectX 11.


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