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Level Designer


Level design can span a range of aspects from scripting events to placing meshes and building environments; anything that involves creating levels to be used as playable areas in game. A level designer may need to be part game designer, part architect, and part artist with a touch of technical thrown in to be able to handle all the jobs that can be involved in the important and complex task of creating game levels for todays modern games.

Getting Started Topics

General Topics

Level Editing Topics

  • AI & Navigation - Information regarding using navigation systems to create AI.
  • Crowd System - Overview of the Unreal Engine 3 crowd system.

BSP & Geometry

Gameplay & Events

Landscape & Terrain

  • Landscape - Current system for creating large outdoor terrains.
  • Terrain - Legacy outdoor terrain system.
  • Foliage - Tool for painting instanced faliage and decoration meshes in levels.

Lighting & Shadows

Particles & Effects

  • Particle Systems - Creating effects using particle systems and emitters.
  • Fog Effects - Creating and using distance-based and volumetric fog effects.
  • Decals - Using projected material decals onto surfaces.
  • Fluid Surfaces - Creating dynamic, interactive fluid surfaces.
  • Len Flares - Creating lens flare cinematic effects.


Post Processing

Profiling & Optimization

User Guides

DirectX 11 Topics