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Texture Artist


Virtually everything rendered to the screen makes use of textures in one way or another. They can be used to color surfaces, as masks for confining colors or effects to certain areas of surfaces, and much more. Anyone who is tasked with creating textures for use in-game can technically be considered a texture artist. Depending on the size of your team and breakdown of duties, there may be dedicated aritsts who create the textures for everything, artists who specialize in creating textures for environment art or character art, artists creating textures for use in user interfaces, etc. Or, it is just as likely that the same person who models an asset is responsible for creating the textures for use in creatign the material for that asset as well. Regardless, it is important that the artist has a solid grasp of how textures are used in Unreal Engine 3, and in many cases how the material system works.

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