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Getting Started Topics
In order to deploy content created in UDK for iOS to a mobile device, a Development Certificate and Development Provisions must be created under the Development tab from within the iOS Provisioning Portal. When submitting your packaged app content to the iTunes Store, a Distribution Certificate and Distribution Provisions must be created under the Distribution tab. There can be multiple Provisions related to one Certificate, but only one Certificate will be valid at a time. Keep this in mind when working with a team of multiple developers; if a certificate is revoked the related provisions must then be modified or new ones created for the new certificate.

  • Licensees: Developing for Android - Compiling and running Android builds
    • Android support is available to full UE3 source licensees. If you are developing a UDK title and wish to explore moving from UDK to UE3 in order to target additional platforms, please contact the sales team at Epic to discuss our competitive terms and licensing options.

General Mobile Topics

Apple iOS Topics

Related Topics
  • Unreal Frontend - Reference for using the Unreal Frontend application to compile, cook, package, and deploy games.
  • Precomputed Visibility - Improve your level's performance using Precomputed Visibility!
  • STAT Commands - Descriptions of the various STAT commands for profiling games.
  • Gamma Correction - Overview of gamma correction in UE3.
  • Color Grading - Tone mapping and color correction post process effect.